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Teaching Yourself to Learn

Nov 30, 2021

Join Holly alongside Dr Shelley Nash this week as they talk about feeling confident from the inside out. The clothes and styles we choose run a lot deeper than just the clothes in our wardrobe. Clothes help you feel more confident and become part of you when working in synergy with each other. Dr Nash explores this...

Nov 23, 2021

Michelle Fletcher and Holly Totten have known each other for close to 30 years, living in the same town, working in the same school and creating a friendship which you can hear illuminates throughout the episode. Michelle’s goal is to help people regain their life back and start dreaming and living their life on...

Nov 16, 2021

Joan Hale and Holly Totten have a lot in common, including both powerfully emerging as Breast Cancer survivors which has built a stronger tenacity and drive as a result. A big part of Joan's achievements and ability to come through stronger has been the support of her friends.


Listen as Joan and Holly discuss:

- Being...

Nov 9, 2021

Jodi Schilling, the Good Mom Coach and host of The Good Mom Podcast, joins me in an honest conversation about navigating her family's walk into acceptance.
She discusses how acceptance played a huge role in mental health challenges, learning challenges, and addiction. 
Jodi explains how she approached life, learned...

Nov 2, 2021

Nina Obier talks us through several aspects of life, including worry, joy, wisdom, and change personally and as an entrepreneur. 
This conversation is warm and inviting as Nina explains how her life has changed through the years and what she is doing as she embraces midlife.

Nina is an acclaimed author, keynote speaker,...