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Teaching Yourself to Learn

Jan 25, 2022

Holly chats with Ruthann Bowen for this episode, with common interests and similarity in their stories, the conversation is filled with fun, information and motivation. Ruthann is the founder and CEO of Wix DesignHer, a web design agency dedicated to helping DIY entrepreneurs achieve professional looking website.



Jan 18, 2022

Holly is joined for this episode with Yvonne Marchese and it’s clear their are many parallels in the exploration of what it means to bloom later in life and how much of a need there is to redefine society’s (and our) ideas when it comes to retirement and learning beyond 50. 


Listen as Holly and Yvonne discuss:

Jan 11, 2022

Within this episode Holly comes together with Lori Tainter, who easily exudes vibrancy, energy and how to emerge in your midlife with confidence and flair. Lori helps you transform into your most beautiful self with everyday simple and fun make-up tips, including fun and engaging Instagram reels.


Listen as Holly and...

Jan 4, 2022

Setting daily intentions increases your chances of being productive and successful. The daily intentions are a road map for your day. Over the past year, I have fine-tuned this process and it has proven successful for my daily life as well as my business.
The process is quick, simple, and easy to include in your...