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Teaching Yourself to Learn

Feb 28, 2023

There is something quite enduring and spectacular about one’s closest and most cherished friend. Holly is joined with one of her greatest friends, Jennifer Ryan, for a memorable and ‘inspire you to do better’ conversation. Even Holly is surprised that they haven’t joined together after so many episodes. Yet,...

Feb 21, 2023

As many of us approach our third half of life we want to be able to say we have no regrets, we gave it our all. A big part of being able to embrace that philosophy is welcoming transitions and learning how to deal with difficult change. Today’s guest has done exactly that. A fellow Texan, Debbie Saviano retired from...

Feb 14, 2023

There are so many fallacies we are fed about ageing and what that looks like for our third half of life. Holly is on a mission to combat myths such as letting ourselves wither away and sit around doing nothing. Today she talks about happiness and ageing and how important it is to embrace our relationships and inspires...

Feb 7, 2023

We’re back for Part 2 of an absolutely enjoyable and heartfelt conversation with Karen Hoffman. Karen continues where she left off last week with her Words That Matter cards which have now extended to include cards for adults, teens and children alike. Listen as Holly and Karen continue in chatter and natter about: