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Teaching Yourself to Learn

Dec 7, 2021

Melissa has been a wonderful cheerleader for the Teaching Yourself to Learn Podcast from the start and joins with Holly to chat about Hopeful Simplicity and a Less Stress Lifestyle that centers around Organizing. Melissa advocates for those who feel overwhelmed and unorganised, mentioning that we are not messy, we are not lazy, we just have not found our style.

Listen as Melissa and Holly discuss:

  • Trying to parent from a place of resentment, overload, stress and anger - how we can allow our children to let go of control and give them the tools to learn.
  • The nagging voice in your head that needs your attention to be present, but also do the laundry, dishes and Pintrest Ikea your home.
  • Starting with achievable goals in a preset time and being unapologetic about what works for you.
  • Moving your spices to suit and realising the Kitchen that everybody uses should not just be one sole person's responsibility.

This conversation is one to inspire and understand you do deserve a clean sink and clear demonstration of transitions, transformation, wisdom and experiences in the 3rd half of life and future generations.

Connect with Melissa at where you can find calendars, habit pages, events and resources.

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