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Teaching Yourself to Learn

Jan 18, 2022

Holly is joined for this episode with Yvonne Marchese and it’s clear their are many parallels in the exploration of what it means to bloom later in life and how much of a need there is to redefine society’s (and our) ideas when it comes to retirement and learning beyond 50. 


Listen as Holly and Yvonne discuss:

  • Doing what you can, with what you have, where you are.
  • Finding meaning after physical challenges which kick you in the pants and allowing for a change of mindset.
  • The power and energetic boost from a morning routine after years of scrambling about to start the day.
  • How retirement can be the beginning of the end for some people and how we can turn that around.


It’s clear from this conversation that Holly and Yvonne have a lot in common, shared visions and aspirations that will benefit anyone in their 3rd half of life. To listen to more of Yvonne on the Late Bloomer Living Podcast please visit and to sign up to  the free workbook 5 Steps to Your Midlife Reboot as mentioned in this episode please sign up at

As always you can connect with, find out more and discover Holly at